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How to Make an Amish Marble Paper Towel Holder.

Amish Marble Paper Towel Holder

Marble Paper Towel Holder is just a marble between two trees. Standing in the marble quarries, or keep the Marble Paper Towel Holder, as you move up or down on the towel. Magic towel marble scrap wood from other projects to woodworking will take place. The wood is oak, pine, maple or plywood used. Standard marble is more than enough, but you can always marble. Cut size of two cons 3/4-inch plywood or wood used in 3/4-inch-thick rectangle about 4 inches to 6 inches. Towels 4 inches in width and height is 6 cm.

Measuring the size of Marble Paper Towel Holder a groove on the back of a piece of wood that is big enough for a ball. Channel has been running the length of wood and 1 / 2 inches should start at the bottom of the piece of wood, and half the time. The depth depends on the size of a bullet. A little "more than half of the marble in the neck with a little more than half covering the track.

Cut a style about section at the end of his piece of wood on the other side of being on the wrong side. Cut the bottom half-inch thick and ends about three-quarters of its height. A quarter of the pieces of wood to cut for use about Marble Paper Towel Holder.

Put a bullet in the slot and two pieces of wood and the marble stays in the center. Clip together to see if it slides better marble make changes to the string until the ball easy to follow.

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